real estate styling

Sell real estate up to 6 times faster with home staging.

Property styling for real estate sales adds atmosphere with furniture and decoration, and as you know: atmosphere sells. Our property stylists will stage your home ready for sale.

our mission: We style, you sell! 

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What is real estate styling?

Property styling or home staging is the process of making your property presentable to maximize its sale potential with minimal resources.

In English, the term ‘staging’ is used, and home staging more precisely means “to prepare a house for sale”. The idea behind home staging is to present the house in such a way that potential buyers can immediately envision themselves living there and form an emotional connection with your property.

Are your buyers immediately ‘sold’?

As property stylists, we know, thanks to thorough training and years of experience, exactly what counts in the first impression of your prospective buyers. Style at Home ensures the perfect setting for selling your property.

Our goal is to sell your property at the highest possible price in the real estate market.

We achieve this by restructuring the layout and decoration of a home. By temporary furniture rental and nice accessories, the home is quickly and affordably “neutralized.” We ensure that your house appeals to as many people as possible. Even if you as an owner want to rent out your apartment or house, hiring a property stylist is a good idea. With smart styling, real estate agents can rent out your property in no time.

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Sell real estate at a higher price thanks to property styling.

Let’s take your car or artwork as an example, where photography also enhances sales.

Selling real estate is like selling a car, artwork, or piece of clothing. Stylish furnishings and the right decoration make the buyer dream of living in the property you are offering for sale.

The seller must try to create an emotional bond between a buyer and the property being sold. Home staging does just that. A study of 300 real estate agents shows that property styling provides a 196% ROI.

The reward of a minimal investment in good  real estate presentation

is clear: a higher selling price and your property sells up to 6 times faster!



What does a property stylist do?

  • Using existing furniture and elements
  • Removing sales-disruptive elements
  • Focusing on the positive elements of the property
  • Often, we have to paint, replace flooring and lighting, and carry out overdue repairs and maintenance.

We also furnish all rooms with temporary furniture and stylish decoration.

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A beautiful temporary setup with cardboard furniture

With the right decor, you can highlight the strong points of a house or apartment. Potential buyers do pay attention to a property’s interior.


If you, as a real estate agent, want to ensure that a model apartment or show home stands out, you can use

 cardboard furniture.

This inexpensive solution provides a stylish temporary interior and is very easy to set up. Most prospective buyers struggle to visualize how an empty room would look furnished.

That’s why more and more real estate agents are opting for cardboard furniture to dress up a property. Are you a property stylist? Then you know (possibly from training) that using cardboard furniture is one of the basic techniques to achieve the best market price.

Choose our cardboard furniture and sell your property smartly.

advantages of property styling

  • Sell up to 6 times faster
  • Achieve up to 20% more value
  • Attract as wide an audience as possible
  • Create light, peace, and space
  • Real estate appears larger and more valuable
  • Create a positive first impression